The territory:

70 trucks may be placed simultaneously in the area of the parking of some 12.000 m2,

the soil is paved with mostly concrete : about  80%)  and party with crushed stone: about 20%,

the total length is furnished with fence, high of 2,20 m.


Access control system:

access control system for entry and exit, serving at the same time the measuring of the time.


Safety, guarding:

a digital camera system watching network is installed aside the total length of the fence, and a monitor image and sound signal warn in the Dispatchers’ room to any attempt of illegal intrusion,

he territory is guarded by guard staff, by 2 guards day and night patrolling,

we shall add electric protection to the fence in the 2. Semester of 2015.


Hygienic services:

modern shower rooms and toilet facilities. The cold-warm water showers are lockable from inside, furnished with towers dryers, liquid soap distributor, etc.


Dining room:

the dining room is equipped with dish warmer and washing up facility. One can eat here the cold breakfast or warm dishes ordered via the Dispatcher or made by the drivers.

satellite furnished TV set is installed in this room.


Room for leisure activities:

billiards, kicker, darts and other game toys are at disposal for passing time of rest in the rest room.